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Brookline, MA


July 6th, 2022. It was a very hot day, she was lying on the street, on the pavement. Someone gave her some food and water, but she was just lying there… lethargic, she doesn’t want to walk, slowly tries to wag her tail, looking for help with her eyes…. For how long has she been alone on the street? What happened to her? Has someone hurt her?…. Too many questions and no answers…. I carry her in my arms because there’s no other way and she leans onto me, not moving a bit; she is afraid of being abandoned again, of fear being the only feeling she has while alone on the street…. I leave her at the vet, to be examined, tested and spayed.
Now, after almost a year, she still lies quietly in her place in the apartment, doesn’t destroy anything, gets along with other dogs, cats and a rabbit, but asking hard for some cuddles, an opportunity to lie close and to steal your love ….. and to give you her love… When walking, whenever a passer-by addresses her nicely, she jumps and hugs them with her paws, gently and cautiously, like a lady…. Very proud when walking, with nice manners, obedient… She likes to run, but short walks are welcome too, she is open to everything…. She protects her food jealously, growling, but she is not aggressive…. She is one warm love… She is a little over two years old, healthy, up to date with the shots, microchipped. Located in Serbia, can be transported.






May 9, 2023


Located in Serbia/International adoption



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