Hilton Head, SC

Brookline, MA


located in Boston


Kitten- Jetsem


March, 2024


Out of State adoption/Alabama

Adoption status:


Jetsem – 4.5 month old male neutered DSH black/white.

Jetsem- Jetsem is such a fun and amazing kitten to have around. He’s both sweet and playful. Full of energy playing and zooming around, but also enjoys cuddling and having his neck and chin scratched (those are his favorite).
His favorite napping spots are on something soft near a window, or on a chair that is tucked under a table.
Jetsem uses the litter box without issues. He also uses a cardboard scratching pad and is learning to also use a scratching post. His favorite toys: mice, springs, anything dangling and loves to chase after any toy you roll for him to chase. He LOVES wands!
He’s a good eaters, wet and dry food. Loves temptations treats and churu style treats (packets).
Jetsem was fostered in a home with other cats and did great. He loved to sleep at night with the older foster cats or on the bed with you. He loved to play and have his chin scratched by the teenage girls in the house. Jetsem wo take a few days to adjust to his new home, but will make himself at home.
Located in AL, can be transported.

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